FTP to IRB 6400 M97A

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  • You can't.

    Back then you needed an additional Ethernet board and if my memory serves me right it only supported NFS, plus the robot was a client, so you had to run an external server which the robot connected to.... no transferring of programs TO the robot.

    The cool thing was that you also could run a BootP server and cold-boot the robot via the network, which usually took ~5 min (with modified install scripts to eliminate the questions) compared to probably 30min or more with the old floppy way.

  • Hi SAABoholic,

    Thanks for your reply.

    My Robots have the ethernet board installed

    I have win 10 PC with services for NFS enabled which is connected to a netgear switch and I can connect the robot to this also,

    How do I connect between PC & Robot for example is there a similar command as connecting to another PC - \\192.168.x.x\c$


  • Here are the parameters for a M97A running BW3.0 that had an exterior mounted S4C-PC.

    Besides the DSQC336, it came with the RAP and Ethernet Services options.


    -Name "sio1:" -Type "sio" -Baudrate 19200

    -Name "sio2:" -Type "sio" -Channel 2

    -Name "eth1" -Type "ethernet"

    -Name "tcp/ip" -Type "TCP/IP" -PhyChannel "eth1"\
    -LocalAdress ""

    -Name "rap1" -Type "RAP" -Trp "tcp/ip" -SpSysEvent 1\
    -ServerAddress "" -EnableSUBSCW 1

    -Name "nfs" -Type "NFS" -Trp "tcp/ip" -ServerAddress ""\
    -LocalPath "pc:" -ServerPath "/c"

  • What FTP client are you using?

    I have used the Floppy to USB unit also. Very useful because you can set up 99 floppy ids from Floppy0 to Floppy99.

    I usually but the dystem disks into Floppy1 to whatever number there are, and store the programs and parameters on Floppy0

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