Aesthetic Robotic Questionnaire

  • Hello, I am a PhD student in Cardiff Wales! As I’m sure you’re aware the Covid-19 has had a knock-on effect on many aspects of life, and this includes my studies! To try and keep on track of my PhD plan I have designed a robotics questionnaire that will aid me in my reports to progress on to second year! I would be grateful if you would be able to circulate my robotics questionnaire in an attempt to get a promising response rate and i thought where better to get peoples opinions than a robot forum!

    My research is in the area of Aesthetics, I’m interested in robot human interaction and the effects athletics may have on a person’s perceptions of robotics.

    Link to Questionnaire -…e/form/SV_9AWlk1jDTMQR2RL
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  • Done.

    I don't recall the exact wording of the question but: "Are you afraid that a robot could take your job?"
    ... I don't think that many people on that forum are nervous about that, hehe, our job is pretty much to program/work with robot.
    For us, robots are creating job and it's the case for a lot more people that we can think.

    Good luck with your PhD.


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