• Dear Leon

    thanks for your reply

    Do you know how can I download its software programming user manual?

    I made XS211 emergency jumpers and now I can run the robot in manual mode,

    there are interbus card with fiber optic , cp5613 and et200s for profibus connections,

    I am going to use laser welding application and now need to I/O mapping with application such as reasy, start, fault ,...

    Is there any PLC software on the VKRC to write in for example SPS to control application and system I/O send/receive without any external controller?


  • Hi, Alireza.

    What is exactly the software version or Your VKRC? 3.3.x? 5.4.x?

    You can write a simple background logic using makrosps.

    But if You need more advanced stuff, You will need to play with VW_User as well.

  • Well, my advice would be try to get a Phoenix Contact fiber optics/digital IO, connect it with Your Interbus card, and go from there.

    If it isn't possible, I think You will need to try configure Profibus on VKRC, the same manner this would be done on a normal KRC. Install driver, enable and map it on iossys.ini and so on.

    Take a look on the manual section of this board, and also search for the old threads discussing KRC2 + Profibus.

    I have the system integrator manual for VKRC2. I will upload it here later.

  • Hello, Alireza.

    As panic mode pointed, let's maintain the discussion here, in this topic.

    So, about You first question, panic mode already answered it, but let's put it again here: on VKRC, you only login as expert with a CD (VKRC1 and VKRC2) or a USB key (VKRC 2 ed05 and onward). People who sold You these robots must have this.

    And, about the error VW_NEXT_FREE, in fact Your problem is the message above, Max number PointPLC reached.

    I suppose this fault is occurring on the older KRC2, with VSS 3.3.x, right? Is this HP200 program too big?

    You will need to use a tool called Program Maker. I don't remember now its exact path. but I will check later.

    Inside it, there is an option called Reorganize Case. Select the program where this fault is occurring and press the Reorganize Case button.

    From VSS 5.x and onward, this procedure isn't necessary anymore.

  • Setup > Service > Program Maker

    Program Maker window will pop up.

    Choose the program where You are having trouble, like HP200.

    Press Reorganize CASE's button.

    Wait for a message more or less like this.

    Action ready
    (Used=0 , Free=300)

    Try edit the program again.

  • Dear massula

    I read on the robot forum that it’s possible to change vkrc to Kuka standard with some changes on kcp and installation of Kuka software standard.

    Haven’t you heard about it?

  • Just install a standard KUKA KSS on a clean HDD with WinXPe and it should be fine.
    The KCP can be used only in T1 and AuthEx but that should be fine in your case?
    I've seen here in the forum instructions how to convert VKCP to KCP - including cutting/resoldering of the pins of the switch on the VKCP but never didi it myself

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