KUKA VKRC1 - it´s MFC card ?

  • Hello,

    I have KUKA robot VW VKRC1 from Volkswagen automotive.

    Year 2000.

    In controller is MFC card, but she have different connector.

    Right is standard connector X2: Sub-D, 26-contact.

    But left is not standard MFC 5 pin connector. Here is Sub-D 9 pin.

    I can´t nowhere find any documentation whether this is a normal MFC card and how to connect it to certain pins on the left connector.

    Does anyone have experience with this?

    Thank you,

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    Hello this card version MFC 1.06 for KRC1

    MFC 1.08 and upwards using Phoenix contact Combicon 5 Pole connector and it is for devicenet communication.

    MFC 1.06 using DB9 connector and without power supply pins for devicenet.


    2. CAN-

    3. Drain

    7. CAN+

    Do not connect termination resistor externally on 1.06 MFC because already equipped in the board.

  • Thank you very much for your help.

    My robot controller is standard VW and he haven´t battery inside for normal program ending and shutdown.

    The controller shuts down hard and is cold start every time it is turned on.

    Can I connect the batteries to this VW controller as is the standard controller ?

    They are connected to the two lower pins of the X202 connector inside.

    Or can something be destroyed and the controller is not adapted to it ?

    Thank you.

  • As far as I can recall, the VKRC1 used exactly the same batteries as the KRC1, wired in identical fashion. You should simply be able to buy a new set of replacement batteries and install them properly. Messing with the internal connections is not advisable.

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