R-J3iB - Delete or Alter System Level Macros

  • I'm fairly conversant with all of the R-30 variant controllers, but have very limited experience with the R-J3iB and previous. So of course the used robot I was given (to replace an R-J2 controller robot that died) has an R-J3iB controller.

    The physical integration and I/O setup is complete, so now I'm trying to blow out all of the unnecessary old programs the robot showed up with - specifically there's a bunch of stuff that was added to communicate to an external PC that I have absolutely no use for, and want out of the TP so someone doesn't start messing with them. When I try to delete these, I get the TPIF-008 Memory Protect Violation and MEMO-006 Protection error occurred errors. When I try to turn off write protect, I get the 'Cannot change System Level Macros' message. Same message if I try to change the Sub Type.

    I've done my Googling and searching through here, but am not having any luck in figuring out how to get rid of these Macros. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!

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  • Did you ever figure out a solution to this? I've had the same problem with my R-J3ib controller as well and have had no luck. There are 23 programs I've been trying to delete. They have names like: ATPOUNCE, BLOWOFF, CHKNOPRT, CHKPART, DROPPART, GETIO, GRIPPART, ect. and things of that nature. My guess is that they are from the previous owner since the robot was made in 2005 but the programs were created well before than according to the details.

  • Since I should not delete these what function or use could they provide? And is there a list of the pre-loaded programs Fanuc provides somewhere?

    Thanks for the help so far!

  • First of all I agree with leaving them alone. However I will provide the solution because there are individuals out there that will protect their programs at all costs trying to make themselves important or trying to ensure job security.

    Step 1. Take a back up. It may turn out you need those programs after all.

    Step 2. The programs you can't delete are likely in the macro table. Find and note the macro number(s) of the program(s) you wish to remove.

    Step 3. Put the robot into a controlled start.

    Step 4. Go into the variables and look up macro table variable.

    Step 5. For the corresponding macro table entry numbers that you wrote down. Change the system mask of those entries to a 0 (they are probably set at 3).

    Step 6. Cold start.

    Step 7. Go into the details of the affected programs and you should now be able to turn off write protect.

    Step 8. Delete the desired programs.

    Like I said. I agree with the sentiment to leave the programs alone if possible. But if you insist on doing this, I remind you once again to take a back-up first.

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