ArcMate 100iB integration with Fronius CMT

  • Hi! All

    I am trying to integrate the Fanuc ArcMate 100iB + R-J3iB controller with Fronius CMT.

    Previously, Lincoln PowerWave F355i was attached to the R-J3iB controller, but it was detached, since we donot use the Lincoln power source. In stead, we are using Fronius CMT.

    If we see the figure, the wire A and B are the connected wires to the previous Lincoln powerWave. And to turn on/off the CMT, we manually trigger it using pin C and D.

    In this situation, I think if we simply plug the two wires into relay and relay to Pin C and D, the welding start and end can be automatically control on the teach pendant.

    But, I do not know what to start at this moment.

    If you have any experience or give me any comments on this, I will really appreciate it.

    Thank you.

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  • From the picture, it appears wires A & B are the CAN bus serial communication lines used for ArcLink serial communication between the robot controller and Lincoln power sources.

    The only way I've changed R-J3iB from Lincoln to Fronius is to use the Fronius ROB5000 interface and having the Fronius Equipment software option installed in the robot controller. The controller needed to have ArcTool V6.40 software to use the option.

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