TCP of torch

  • Hi,

    i have a serious problem and i need your kind support to solve it.

    we have RA010L welding robot with kemppi welding machine.

    after finding the TCP of the torch by auto tool adjustment ( by 6 points ). so the TCP is registered in tool

    and to make sure that nothing change, we used in our program QTOOL off and we saved the same value of the tool in a variable (tool1) and call it by tool tool1.

    and after finishing programming of multi pieces by block teaching.

    the robot moved in a strange way and tight the cable and the cable pull the torch, so we got torch interference.

    after this error, all saved positions have been changed/shifted.

    so, my question :

    1- is it something normal that the TCP changes after each torch interference ???? please note that, this is the third time it happens with us, and we reprogrammed all pieces, but we reach to point we can not reprogram, we need a real solution . we do not believe that this is something normal

    2-who has faced a problem like this before ?

    3-how can i back all points to their original positions without reprogramming .

    awaiting your kind reply.

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  • 1. Why do you need to use Auto Tool function for TCP, usually Kemppi and other suppliers can provide this data for you to manually input?

    2. You are using BLOCK programming with QTOOL OFF...…..Why?

    3. Torch Interference.

    - Make file save after problem and compare location values with before file save, you will see locations are same.

    - Proving problem lies with physical torch.

    4. If torch interference happens, usually torches have quick release connection, so that forces do not damage or bend torch.

    - If damaged, then torch physical position has changed - not robot saved positions.

    - To fix you either need to reset torch angle in jig physically, or reteach TCP with damaged torch angle.

    - Torch interference does not change saved positions.

    Your questions:

    1. TCP values will never change unless changed by someone or program.

    - TCP physical position could change if torch interference has caused damage to physical torch.

    - The damaged torch should either be repaired, or replaced, if cannot be replaced, then TCP values will need to be re-taught.

    2. I have never faced this problem before.

    3. What do you mean by back to original positions, the positions will not have changed.

    If you can provide a backup of before problem and after problem, maybe I can see where problems exisit?

  • Dear Sir,

    thank you for your kind and quick reply.

    regarding the Qtool off, this is what KRG informed us to do and we did it to make sure that nothing change.

    regarding the auto tool , no one has provided us with right TCP data. they only gave us the torch dimensions and from the experience of others, they told us , it's not accurate.

    regrading the physical position of the TCP, i do agree with you. we reach to point that the problem comes from kemppi torch.

    our main problem which no body is believing us that the torch is changing its physical position/TCP by any small force on it such as torch interference by hand or by touching the work piece with very small force.

    and this has happened with us in 2 projects. we never used the torch in real welding. we just finished programming , after that my colleague made torch interference by his hand ( bend the torch by his hand ) then the whole positions have been changed.

    so, do you think that the quality of the torch is bad or there is something else.

    regarding my question ( back to original positions) . we know that there is a new command in kawasaki called tooladjust. but we never used it.

    we tried to use the tool shift from Aux 0106, but it doesn't work.

    any other ideas please ??

    the last thing, it will be really headache and does not make sense that we make new TCP every time the torch touch something.

    because of that i am asking if it's normal in welding or it happens only with us.

    awaiting your kind reply.

  • On an Arc Welding system, you can only have one active TCP setting anyway for QTOOL ON which is in Aux 0304.

    But if you do use Auto Arc Tool registration Aux 0410, then the value in Aux 0304 needs to be set to null values.

    When complete, the calculated values are then stored in Aux 0304.

    Which means if you are using BLOCK with QTOOL ON, then that would be TCP value used.

    I do not know why KRG have said that regarding QTOOL, but I do know people at KRG whom I respect (and they will know more than me) so I would always trust what they say as being accurate.

    I have never used tool adjust yet, but in order to use this you need to know/find out what values need to be applied and in what orientation.

    I can only see a use for this, if you are using camera/sensor to feedback data for you.

    If you have interference, then how do you know which values (XYZOAT) require to be adjusted otherwise.

    I cannot comment on Kempii tool itself, as I don't know what it is, I do know Fronious for example, have a very good release mechanism for torch interference.

    Your main problem is 'Why is Torch Interference occurring', this should not be part of any application.

    - You need to resolve this, reduce the frequency, eliminate it completely.

    - Does the kempii torch not come supplied with quick release mechanism, if not it needs it.

    - You can always introduce collision detection function to help reduce impact force.

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