SKILLSND Instruction

  • Hi, what does the following statement mean?

    What functions does it have?

    Where can I find instructions on this?



    GETARG LB000 IARG#(1)

    SET LB001 0

    SET LB002 2


    GETARG LB004 IARG#(2)

    GETARG LB005 IARG#(3)

    SET P[LB004] LP000

    SET B[LB005] LB003


  • AD
  • It's a MACRO.

    You can see its contruction on the macro list.

    It has 3 arguments LT,B0 and B1 that where stored in LB000, LB004 and LB005 that are 3 local variables (visible only in the job used).

    The 2nd arguments seems to be used to create a position (it indicates in which Pxxx I will put the value stored in LP000) and the 3rd to create a B variable (it indicates in which Bxxx will be stores the value of LB003).

    I don't see the rest of the macro nor the job in which is used so I can only conjecturing.

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