Wrong moves on base coordinates.

  • Greetings, im starting to work with kawasaki zx130l with controller D, i have an issue due to low power of encoder battery i had posibilaties to move only in1 direction. Then i zeroed robot and reset encoder turn data, now in joint mode its ok. But in base coordinates mode i have moves tottaly different from moves that in manual.Base coordinates in aux function set to 0.

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  • Welcome to the forum...………:beerchug:

    If you stand behind robot (where harness connects) and looking outwards.

    If BASE coordinates are all null values (0) then movement should be:

    X+ = right

    X- = left

    Y+ = forwards

    Y- = backwards

    Z+ = upwards

    Z- = downwards

    1. Can you describe the movements you are receiving in BASE Mode interpolation when you jog robot?

    2. Go into keyboard and type in BASE and press enter and post the values?

  • So which directions are incorrect, please stand behind robot (as I mentioned above) and move robot then describe in terms of:

    When I press X+ robot moves where?

    When I press Y+ robot moves where?

    When I press Z+ robot moves where?

  • Video is not attached, i upload it on google drive and post it. But no i got weird spins on all axes except Y.

  • Seems strange as if gearbox has been turned around 180 degrees.

    Has any gearboxes been replaced recently?

    Have you loaded any backup or new data?

    Does this robot have SPIN function enabled?

    Also what is TCP setting?

    When in Joint mode, please check you can achieve correct rotation directions for Joint 4 and Joint 6 and full rotation envelope of axes.

    (look at joint arrow labels and confirm you can achieve correct + direction as arrows and also - direction as arrows).

  • This is area I was going to then suggest to look at...……………:top:

    This is VERY DANGEROUS SITUATION...…..:dead:

    Someone has changed Joint 4 and Joint 6 mechanical motion limits outside of standard robot specifications.

    Kinematic calculations may produce dangerous/unsafe and potentially harmful/damaging motions.

    If I was that persons supervisor, they would get sacked instantly and frog marched off site and banned from using robots for life.

    It is very possible many other settings are incorrect to.

    Two areas need to be changed now back to default specification to see if ok to use:

    1. Mechanical Motion Limits

    2. Software Motion Limits

    Do you know how to change these?

  • I do, but i got a really noob problem to set, - 360 degrees i cant find how to enter "-" sign in field(is there on a operator panel this button, or how to select keyboard input?)

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