How is the coronavirus affecting your work?

  • I'm curious what everyone's experience is during this situation. Is it business as usual, working remotely, out of work? If you are working remotely how is that going, what tools are you using to help with that?

  • Things in the shop are normal (Ontario, Canada). We just don't get visitors, salesmen , customers

    We actually have a run off next Monday and we are going to use video conferencing to show the customer the machine running

    Oh, we are ok on toilet paper8o

    Retired but still helping

  • Many companies I am dealing with are now in a position of:

    1. If you can, then work from home.

    2. If you can't then always make sure there is a 2m perimeter maintained between yourself and others.

    As for myself personally, I work for myself, so If I can fulfill client arrangements remotely, then I will do so.

    As far as travelling is concerned, I haven't really put any restrictions in place, this is really determined by the client requirement and I will travel if needed

    But on a personal note, I think this is getting way out of hand.

    I'm not sure about outside of the UK, but here in the UK, yes toilet rolls and kitchen rolls seem to be the 'survival kit' of choice.

    - I maybe completely thick, but I just can't get my head around this.

    - Kitchen rolls and tissues being flushed away and disposed in the trash possibly contaminated....REALLY!!!!

    I just have an underlying suspicion that this 'virus' has been man made and released for a specific reason in a specific area and the way the media and our governments have responded, have now caused the pandemic .

    Airplanes re-circulate air, Airports and Airplanes should be locked down immediately in the event of a viral outbreak......f..k the cost.

    7 Weeks it's taken for the UK to start acting...…………..(whilst the financiers are calculating which is the cheapest way to deal with the crisis).

    On a final note, I just want to give a huge shout out to all those medical, staff, first responders, emergency services and all other businesses that have employees putting themselves on the front line with their selfless acts in order to assist others.

    Stay safe out there Robot Forumers...…We share the planet, let us all work together to maintain it and leave the political shite where it belongs...…:fine:

  • Going to customers directly from home and avoid going to office unless getting parts or something,

    my company is trying to reduce the interaction between team members to in case one of them got sick,

    we have higher risk though going to different customers and communities everyday, so I wash my hand frequently specially if I'm using common device/teachpendant or so, and also taking my own lunch with me.


  • Hi There from South Africa.

    At our company we have also set up a hand sanitizing station which we are forced to use at lunch and tea. also during work day you can go and sanitize.

    We have also implemented a "1 mt from each other" rule and no more group morning toolbox talks.

    Myself, have a 20 month old son, and try as best I can, to reduce his risk of him or wife getting it. So if I was my hands 300000 x a day, i don't care.

    Also have I requested a hand sanitizing unit for the robot cell and my NB at my Robot just to be sure.

    I have, as mentioned previously above, I also think this MIGHT, AND I REPEAT, MIGHT, be a hand made virus for chemical warfare type situation, we all know it does exist, that got out someway or somehow.

    But any case, we are our brothers keepers and have to look out for one another working with us and especially our families.

    Keep safe all.

  • its crazy here in Germany.
    Factories shut down, nearly everybody works from home, toilet paper is rare.
    Its like in a Horror movie, nobody touches another Person, takes distance, fear everywhere.
    Nobody knows how long this will be.

    Positive side is: People are working from home, prepare their gardens, enjoy life.
    Nature and Humans can regenerate.

  • Here we are spacing apart from one another. No meetings, gatherings. Sanitizing wipes have been placed here and there. I made it my mission yesterday to take those wipes and clean the teach pendants, a lot of people are touching them. Wash hands frequently or I carry around my bottle of hand sanitizer (NOT FOR SALE, don't ask :P). Best wishes to everyone here on the forum to stay safe and healthy.

  • I've been asked to change from flying to driving in order to reduce exposure. A 1.5 hour flight now turns into a 9 hour drive. Not a big deal for me, I like driving.

    Most of my clients have people that can work from home are, and those that can't are practicing social distancing. All conference rooms are closed. Cafeterias are closed, company gyms are closed, no non-essential visits allowed (mainly sales people. What a loss.).

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  • southeastern Michigan, Most people working from or staying home from the traffic I see.

    We are in the office still, staying away from everyone, no visitors allowed. Got only one bot running right now, great program, no glitches.

    The big 3 are shutting down soon, or already have. We just go about are business, trying to stay positive.

    Stores are getting more stocked compared to A few days ago. plenty of TP and food.

    Hope everyone stays safe during this mess. My guess that some man made bug was released by some tool in China.

    Thats where the last few big ones came from also, SARS swine flu.

  • Here in Serbia factories that are not involved in food and medicine production are 90% shut down from production. People are working from home.
    S**t hasn't yet hit the fan but we are close to that limit :)
    We are in a statewide emergency state and have curfew from 5 AM till 17 PM (this will probably be even shorter in the next few days) .

    But hey at least im at home and am showing my wife what programming a PLC/Robot looks like :)

  • The level of quarantine is varying from state to stare here in Brazil, and where I live there isn't any lockdown (yet), but there is a scene happening with a certain frequency that get me a little bit scared: fireman and policeman vehicles with megaphones, saying to people stay at home. I'm feeling inside some kind of dystopian movie.

    Kids are out of school since last Monday, and I'm working from home since Thursday.

    Automakers are shutdown their factories, and lots of manufacturing shops are closing down as well.

    The predicted peak for the outbreak here is mid April, so it is important that people stay home now.

    Hope this go away as fast as possible.

  • I've been asked to change from flying to driving in order to reduce exposure. A 1.5 hour flight now turns into a 9 hour drive. Not a big deal for me, I like driving.

    Most of my clients have people that can work from home are, and those that can't are practicing social distancing. All conference rooms are closed. Cafeterias are closed, company gyms are closed, no non-essential visits allowed (mainly sales people. What a loss.).

    Well my trip got canceled. Hammer just came down in Michigan. Non life supporting businesses are encouraged to shut down for 3 weeks.

    Of course my defense contractor client is running full steam ahead, so at least I have some income.

    Check out the Fanuc position converter I wrote here! Now open source!

    Check out my example Fanuc Ethernet/IP Explicit Messaging program here!

  • Most manufacturing around me (semi-rural East Texas) is still running business as usual, just without salesmen visits and with extra lysol. No mass panic or fear yet. Our governor is letting cities and counties make their own decisions and so far only the major cities are shutting down.

  • We are gearing up here. Massively.

    We make a handful of different parts for ventilators and are shifting from 8,000 units per year to between 80,000 and 100,000 units per year to start, possibly more.

    We were already installing 2 new CNCs this week (a 4 axis hori and a 3 axis VMC with a trunion to get 5 axis), but now we're getting a third one to ensure we can hit capacity requirements.

    We are asking our operators to work 12 hr days on both shifts so we can have spindles running 7/24 and working with our core suppliers to ensure they are exempt from closure.

    I am almost finished with our new table for the robot that will quadruple it's capacity before humans need to load pallets.

    Stop reading here if you think we're on the right track r.e. this virus...

    We have literally destroyed the world's economy over this and instituted draconian new laws granting .gov's around the world even more control over our miserable little insignificant lives and to take more control over manufacturing.

    I don't know (nor care) if this was man made... what they're doing with it is horrible and as every day passes it appears more and more like it's being blown way out of proportion intentionally to either distract us from something else or to usher in a new world order. (I've been tracking US population and deaths from this "virus" and so far we're at 0.00018% of the population dead from this.)

    Then, when you look at what US democrats are doing to try to get their pork into the relief bill, delaying the action by DAYS, it gets rather infuriating.


    This won't go over well with much of the community, but I'm getting the exact same sinking feeling in my stomach as I got around 2003 or 2004 when I started realizing those twin towers and building 7 were absolutely, without a doubt, imploded intentionally and did NOT fall down from being hit by planes in 2001 like we were told (7 was never even hit yet imploded exactly the same as the twins, anyone care to venture a guess how or why?).


    I see two possible outcomes here:

    1) Hundreds of thousands dead and millions terribly sick (if we're being told the truth)

    2) We are being lied to for extremely nefarious reasons that we won't know for a few yeasr

    Neither includes a bright outlook.

    Shove your full-page ads up your ass and delete my account.

  • Här i Sverige är vi på god väg uppför backen nu. Om du lyssnar på vad regeringen säger!

    Grundskolor och förskolor är fortfarande öppna för att försöka få samhället att gå ganska bra. Men de minsta lila sjukdomssymtomen, då bör man vara hemma. Många som kan arbeta hemifrån. Gillar mig just nu. Spik med lite hosta!

    Just nu märker inte vårt företag mycket av krisen, en leverans som kunden inte kunde få. Men det kommer snart att känna när nästan alla, om inte alla bilfabriker i Europa står stilla och det är deras uppgift att leverera. Men just nu kommer order att komma oförändrade och leveranser kommer att göras samtidigt som vanligt.

  • I'm going to work normaly even though I can do 98% of my job from home and I live very close to work so even it wouldn't be problem to come for the 2%.
    The only thing the management is worried is the possibility to having to close everything for dissinfecting if someone comes sick.

    Face is hurting from the masks. Skin on hands is dry, breaking and bleeding from the cold, oil, and now even more washing and disinfecting with alcohol. Going to pharmacy for some cream includes standing in a long queue, with control of ID and health cards so people who break self isolation would be caught.

    So generally just a bit more uncomfortable than before :D

  • Are you missing toilet paper, so move to Denmark, we have plenty for we do not have so many big ass holes.:D It's not going well in the company i work in, it's fired 11 people so i'm the last man in the workshop now.:( I'm so lucky they can't fire me, i'm so slow, i'm behind with everything and it has to be done before they can fire me and between us it never gets done;), because now i have to work with our weldings robots, laser cutter, bending machines, presses and all stock jobs, so i won't get bored anymore. So cheers and good weekend everyone.

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