TXY-6266 Toyopuc Cable

  • Looking to acquire a USB cable to communicate with the toyopuc PLC in the S52 kawasaki controller. Any ideas where to purchase or a wire diagram so that I can make one?

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  • The company that sit behind these are JETKT I believe.

    Whether these are still available or a discontinued product, I think you 'd need to make some further inquiries.

    I don't have any circuit either, but I think it contains an RS232/RS422 conversion.

    The 'older version' TXY-5619 is a DSUB 9 pin to DSUB 15 pin cable had this device in between.

    If you could get your hands on one these (a standard USB to RS232 adapter) can be used in conjunction with these.

    The only other route I could recommend, is to contact KRI directly, they should have a definitive part no and pricing for either of these (again, if still available) and if you have a good relationship with them 'tap up the sales guys' perhaps.....

    They may just have some knocking around that they no longer use...…

    Alternatively, if you know of any maintenance staff at a Toyota plant, I don't know if there are any members here at Robot Forum that are/are ex may just get lucky.

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