Yaskawa Motoman Condition Monitoring

  • Hi,

    Is there a way to monitor disturbance torque value of each axis on a Yaskawa robot and send that to PLC for analysis / recording?

    I am trying to develop a condition monitoring system for Yaskawa DX100, DX200, and YRC 1000 controllers, and for that I need to monitor disturbance torque of each axis.

  • One of the method that you can use and i know is the MOTOPLUS software and use Servo Control functions in it.

    Please see Motoplus manual and you can understand about it.

    Notice: Motoplus is a software that you must from Yaskawa.

  • Hi,

    There is a manual regarding communications, for example 165838-1CD for the DX200.

    On page 73 you'll find the CIP protocol messages that the controller can provide if asked by a PLC

    Address 0x77 corresponds to torque on the axes.

  • Does the monitoring need to be in real time? If not a GETS PXxxx $PX050 in a job will work except on DX100 and maybe DX200 depending on software version.

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