• Hello,

    Is there a way to open roboguide then connect to your robot via ethernet and pull of all the programming/data? I'm having trouble setting up roboguide offline for what we currently have and I'm just wondering if there is an easier way to set that up.



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  • Hi Dmdtrain,

    first add your (real) robot to the robot neighbourhood (FRRNExplorer)


    make a backup (AOA) or via FTP (download full MD(B) device

    Create a new workcell.


    - create a robot from file backup

    - create an exact copy of an existing robot (robot neighbourhood, via FTP)

    Existing Cell

    choose properties of your robot(arm) not Robot Controller Propertiers

    (the robot icon the controller icon)

    - GP:1 'MyRobotModel'

    --> serialize robot ,then same as above

    For mor details for built/upload/download -->RG maual

    Best regards


  • Yes, it is possibl to download whole robot data from robot to roboguide. You have to play program Robot neighborhood which is with Roboguide, and there add your robot (IP adress). Then you run roboguide and choose the last option ,,Create an exact copy of robot". there you can find your online robot, which you added in robot neighborhood.

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