Personal Computer Communications: SEND_DATAPC

  • In the FANUC Robotics SYSTEM R-30iA and R-30iB Controller KAREL Reference Manual, Table A-7. KAREL Built-In Routine Summary lists ADD_BYNAMEPC, ADD_INTPC, ADD_REALPC, ADD_STRINGPC, SEND_DATAPC and SEND_EVENTPC in a Category named "Personal Computer Communications".

    I am interested in SEND_DATAPC, but I am having a difficult time finding additional information about setting it up. Do you have any experience using this KAREL built-in procedure? I guess my confusion is about %ENVIRONMENT Group :PC. What is being sent to "the PC" and how do you properly define "the PC"?

    I looked at information about the "%ENVIRONMENT Translator Directive". I gather that I probably need to define a "PC.ev" environment file, but I am not sure what that should look like regarding syntax and what all it should contain for SEND_DATAPC to function properly.


    [%ENVIRONMENT Translator Directive] is used by the off-line translator to specify that the binary file, path_name.ev, should be loaded. Environment files contain definitions for predefined constants, ports, types, system variables, and built-ins.

    The previously mentioned reference manual explains the purpose, syntax, details and has a small example that sends event 12 to the PC with a data buffer:

    Does anyone know about SEND_DATAPC or if using SEND_DATAPC in a condition handler will work?

    I am new to FANUC and KAREL so I do not know if the following KAREL code snippet will work or not. Essentially, I want to have this running to capture and send any errors that occur while running a TP program. Any help or advice is very appreciated. Thank you.

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