DataStorage Transfer Without CF

  • aHi friends

    I have a problem with data created using DataStorage. I'm using a D7x controller that has RS232, PCMCIA and TCP / IP ports.

    Of course, I connect to it using TCP / IP.

    The problem is that data from DataStorage can only be saved on device 0: PC card (CF memory + PCMCIA adapter), and CF cards supported by this controller have long ceased to be produced (max 128mb), and i cant find the any good one.

    Is there any way to download the .CSV file created by DataStorage?

    I save data in temporary memory, can I download the controller RAM to an external PC using TCP / IP or at least RS232?

    Maybe you know where i can buy CF cards that are supported by this controler (List in attachment)

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  • I am pretty sure there is no GUI options to save data storage files to anything other than PC Card or possibly Floppy on D Controllers.

    However, I know that the /STG switch is for used for Data Storage.

    Create a Data storage file (not temp) - Start and Stop it.

    Go online with KCWin/KRTerm (either Ethernet or RS232).

    Then in the terminal window type:

    SAVE/STG datastorage

    It should then just go through a normal save sequence.

    You should then get a .csv file in your KCWin/KRTerm folder called datastorage.

    Give it a go, if it doesn't work, then I expect this function is not available with the current firmware revision of your controller.

    I've tried it using KROSET and it seems to work in the simulator, let us know if it works on the real world one?

  • Quote

    You are better then Kawasaki support, cos they said it is impossible but i did it thanks to you :winking_face:

    Heehee……..That makes me laugh for many reasons, I feel like smug SOB now...…………..:gibbo:

    I know of the /STG switch from E Controller, that is why I was unsure of existence of command for D Controller as Data Storage was always an 'option' not as standard.

    In D Controller Manual, there is no mention of /STG switch, this is why I was unsure if it would work.

    When I tried it in KROSET simulator, no problem (but this uses different firmware) and your firmware may be older and not contain the command.

    But good to know it was successful indeed and thanks for the feedback...….:top:

  • Ah, ok......

    I know D Controller is becoming at end of OEM support (in fact, it may well have happened already).

    It is possible because of this, they do not prioritize and research to deep for technical support now.

    If they are referring from documentation only, then this is the only answer I think they could provide.

    Glad it worked though as the CF card would then have been the only option.

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