Safety wiring of cabinet KRC2 ed05 from BMW L6 AK9

  • Here it is, a new robot for me!

    I bought a KR210-2 2000 from 2008

    with cabinet KRC2 edition2005, from BMW

    ( KRC2-05 SR AK9 BMW L6 PNET PROXY 7035 )

    it has PROFIsafe modules inside

    and on the bottom X11 X12 X21.2 ports, X13 is not present, and a small X21.1

    Does anyone knows how to bridge the safety circuits to make the robot move?

    Attached here it is the schematics, but i can't understand much by myself,

    i have never seen something like this and around the forum i'm not able to find someone that already posted the bidges schematics.

    Thank you everyoneG-drive folder

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  • this is new to me but it looks straight forward. i skimmed through the drawings and X11, X12 and X21.2 are all part of safety.

    however, X12 and X21.2t seem to be only power and outputs.

    all safety inputs are on X11. to make robot move stand-alone you need to wire the the X11 inputs for standalone operations.

    if you scroll towards the end of the schematics, there are drawings for jumper plugs for both line operation and for stand-alone operation.

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  • Hi, thanks for your help, i'm still a newbie in robots.

    I discovered that not only i have to wire some bridges under the cabinet,

    (i come from an old VKRC2 where it was enough)

    this is why i was not able to find interesting things in the schematics;

    but i have to do something on the X40 plug at the base of the robot (maybe it is a SefeRobot?)

    So i'm looking at the schematics now that i found in the download section of the forum

  • yes, that is a safeRDC. to let robot move you need to wire X40.

    if you don't need functionality of X40, you can wire up a jumper plug.

    schematics is in documentation and connections are also shared in manuals section on this forum:

    KRC2 - X11 & X40

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    2) if you have an issue with robot, post question in the correct forum section... do NOT contact me directly

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  • Yes, i found them, thanks!

    I just discovered from this thread:

    Need help KRC2 ed 2005 safety bypass

    that X40 should be connected to X21.2,

    but i don't have this cable, so i need to make the bridges.

    Everything makes more sense now,

    but looking at my X21.2 port at page 53 (49 von 60) of my previously uploaded schematics it seems that b4 is not connected,

    and b3 b7 b9 b10 are all grounds to connect together. Is that correct?

    So i'm worried that the X40 bridges are not correct for my robot, is that possible?

    Or every X40 port is standard?

    Thank you

  • but did you read that thread? in that thread RDC was replaced to standard one and then robot was able to move. X40 was tied to original SafeRDC that is removed so - no X40 on that robot any more.

    i don't know what cable that should be (X40-X21.2) but if that is the case - schematics are always first place to check. don't recall seeing X21.2 on any KRC2s but bunch of them had X40 and they were happy with jumper plug.

    i think that wiring anything to X21.2 is not going to help you anyway.

    that connector has some inputs and outputs (connect to Siemens I/O).

    safety inputs make no sense here since you don't have safety PLC there to control those I/O.

    without safePLC, those safety outputs cannot do anything either, they are dead now.

    i bet that cable you mentioned, simply connects those (now defunct) ProfiNet I/O to X40. IT was much more practical to mount the I/O inside the cabinet than at the base of the robot. So they used cable...

    well profinet IO is not important if you don't have safety PLC but X40 is still used since it is part of the SafeRDC.

    and safety inputs on X40 need to be happy. this means SOMETHING need to get those inputs powered up....

    either some outputs (from the not used Profinet I/O), or something else wired to X40. so how about the X40 jumper plug? IF you have both X11 and X40 jumperred correctly (without letting magic smoke out), you should be able to move the robot.

    and the Siemens I/O may be worth something on eBay

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  • Hi panic mode, yes i have read it,

    vvelikov replaced the RDC to turn his robot in non Safe Robot to match the cabinet

    robot-cnc talked about X40-X21.2 cable,

    and since its cabinet is similar to mine,

    it has X21.2 connector and looking at the schematics as i wrote before it looks like a straight connection to X40

    I'm not going to wire X21.2, i confirm it is only an output port

    It looks like a safety loop to confirm the working states from the cabinet X21.2 port to the RDC X40 port

    So in conclusion, the X11 port wiring is noted and no problems,

    but since i still have the X40 port,

    and looking at X21.2 schematics,

    the bridges that i found in download section for X40 makes sense,

    but i'm scared on connecting the few pins previously mentioned to not let the magic smoke out

    The pages that you attached are exactly what i was talking about

    So the question is still anyone knows if b3 b7 b9 b10 of X40 should be connected together,

    instead of only b3 to b4 and b7 to b9

    Thank you

  • I made the bridges on X11 port according to my schematics, and "S" became green!

    I also bridged the X40 port according to the downloaded schematic, but now it says "invalid configuration on SafeRDW"...

    Do i have to disable the monitoring of the safe ranges via software?

    Anyone has suggestion? Thank you

  • please read pinned topic read first. for example:

    what is the safe robot version?

    what conections did you make exactly? and how?

    what are the messages exactly (including message numbers)?

    what are the settings in your safeRobot configuration?

    1) read pinned topic: READ FIRST...

    2) if you have an issue with robot, post question in the correct forum section... do NOT contact me directly

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  • Got it! So here it is, if it can be useful for someone.

    I found that the KSS safety configuration was different from the RDC configuration,

    so under the menu Setup->Service->Safe Operation->Configuration

    I was able, after changing to "SafetyMaintenance" user, to get RDC data into XML.

    I had also a wrong mada and the tool was set to a weight too high;

    so i fixed it by lowering it at the right value in that menu;

    also replacing mada, other than getting the proper Robot Data from RDC in Setup.

    Last thing i had to put 1025 on Move enable in I/O->Automatic External Configuration to override external motion authorization

  • Code

    I dont want to open a new topic, so I will ask my question here. I m pretty new with this and I want to know if it s on my robot KRC2: profisafe safety or integrated safety, so how I can check that? And another question, I want to know how safety works on krc2. I hope someone can help me and that I asked this questions correctly. Thank you.

  • You should look firstly at the hardware and at the schematics if profisafe is there.

    Then about safety, in general, KRC2 has connection points in the bottom connectors for the gate and the emergency stop; how it works, it is as usual in industrial automation, dual contacts, power disconnect, software warning, etc. Manuals are a great help going deeper

  • Thanky you crk for your answer. Do you maybe have a picture how profisafe looks, because I looked at the hardware but I dont know where and what to look.

  • As far as I know, the KRC2 never supported ProfiSafe "organically" -- that is, the ESC board was never a ProfiSafe device. Rather, the ProfiSafe Option from KUKA added a ProfiSafe node and several safety relays that were wired into the robot's discrete safety contacts.

    Safety on the KRC2 works through the X11 connector. You can find many discussions in the forum archives, but basically, you can think of the ESC board as containing multiple relays, and the coils of those relays are "exposed" on the X11 connector for the end user to wire into their safety circuit. Every safety signal is dual-channel (A and B). There are several "Test A" and "Test B" signals on the X11, which act as the "power" for each safety relay in the robot. For example, by connecting a Test A to the Safety Gate A input, and a Test B to the Safety Gate B input (by wiring through a gate interlock device), you "close" the Safety Gate relay pair, and allow the robot to operate in Auto or External modes.

    For safety signals, there are strict rules: The A and B channels must open/close simultaneously -- any difference between them greater than a few milliseconds will generate a single-channel fault. This is why safety-rated relays and contactors are more expensive than non-safe dual-channel relays -- safety-rated relays are guaranteed to open/close both channels within that small time window.

    A and B signals cannot be crossed. To a voltmeter, the Test signals will probably look like a simple 24VDC voltage, but in fact, each one carries a low voltage, high-frequency "fingerprint" pulse train that the ESC board is designed to recognize. Any connection of an Test A signal to a B input, or vice versa, will generate a fault.

  • Hello everyone,

    after more than 2 years I'm here again with this robot,

    I left it on the corner for a while,

    but I started to play with it again two months ago.

    Suddently, since yesterday, without touching anything it gives randomly:

    404 EMERGENCY STOP safety controller

    484 Operating Mode mismatch with input T1 on SafeRDC

    Since those errors are not listed in the manual,

    someone has a guess on the cause?

    On the pendant it appears a question mark on the operating mode icon.


    I already tried to replace the pendant,

    also tried reinserting all the safety bridges and contacts, with no luck,

    it works for 10 / 15 minutes, than it trips, and I have to reboot it removing the power.

    I have some hints, I'm suspicious (or they are only coincidences)

    that it happens most of the times near the switching on or off of the fan (it is very hot these days),

    or near the switching on or off of the drives contactor.

    Thank you

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