• Hello everyone

    I have s4 + controller and ırb 6400 manipulator.

    I am new preparing this robot. My problem is , when ı pressing motor-on button 3sec. after, error bleeder overload 3910 and error 20207 Backplane enable open and error 20175 Teachpendant fail .

    How can ı solve this problem?

  • AD
  • Make sure the 6-pin connector at the top of the bleeder unit is correctly plugged in. There isn't a lot of room and can be difficult to plug in especially if the male pins on the bleeder are bent. You can measure the bleeder resistors easily from the 4-pin X3 connector at the bottom front of the DC-Link (rectifier). It should be a between 10 & 15 ohms if I remember correctly. If the bleeder checks good, try changing the DC-Link.

    The teach pendant issue may be separate, try another pendant to see if it makes a difference with the 20175 error.

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