Fanuc R-30iA Mate interfacing

  • Hello All!

    Looking for some information how is it possible to interface a Fanuc R-30iA mate to control from other devices.

    Our budget only allowed to buy second handly so we haven't got any manuals with it and I'm new to robots, so not an easy start.

    Is it possible to somehow get the manuals or support in this situation?

    I found that there's RJ-45 connection possibility and in the Touchpendant settings Ethernet IP is available.

    I'm guessing that's a good start.

    The solutions I found for interfacing are to connect to PLC PROFINET or use PCDK.

    The PCDK would be better (preferred to use .NET than PLC) but our budget does not allow to spend 6k+ $.

    Or is it possible to get some trial software for it?

    For PLC we would be using Siemens S1200 family, but that requires GSD files.

    I've searched for GSD but nowhere to be found.

    Some help would be highly appriciated!



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