Product Alert: Safety notice for all UR3, UR5, UR10 CB3 (Generation 3) robots

  • A member of my team came across this today (26/02/2020):


    Basically update to 3.12 asap due to a controller fire risk in the event of a PSU over-voltage situation that is not detected.

    2 issues with this:

    1. Method of communication - none: It was found in release notes/faq when looking for an update (leading to point 2). It was originally "posted" on 07/02/2020 - almost 3 weeks ago.
    2. Notification of update available: Previously we would receive an email notification when a new version of software became available. This has now stopped and we've missed quite a few revs. This means our updates now take longer as we have to update rev by rev without jumping to the latest.

    Now my 2 questions:

    1. Has anyone had controller overheating/fire issues? What was the damage/outcome? How was it detected/resolved?
    2. Has anyone else stopped getting notifications of the software updates from UR?

    We're quite taken aback that we are only finding out about this now and that it was accidentally found in release notes. Surely for something as serious customers and integrators should be notified immediately?

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