Kawasaki E series Controller Trouble

  • HI,

    I am new to Kawasaki Robot. I have errors on my Robot, it does not return to origin after power failure. The motor does not turn ON. Can anyone help me with this trouble? Thank you in advance.

  • AD
  • I think when during power failure, you definitely need to to do a failure recovery. Even when power is back online I don’t think any robot Brand will continue its process as it’s dangerous.
    One way is to have maybe a plc to detect and then have some error or failure recovery, maybe even sending motor on if the encoder value is not resettled to error. Not commonly practice but it depends on your process.

  • alvinpasion

    Welcome to the forum...…………..:beerchug:

    As Alexandru has indicated, we need far more information:

    Robot Series and Controller.

    Error information, code and associated text.

    You say 'origin' are you referring to a specific position.

    Without motor power, the robot cannot be that the reason it won't return to it's origin?

    Usual instances (but not limited to) when Motor Power will not turn on:

    - Fatal Hardware error remains - locate source or error and resolve.

    - Emergency Stop or External Emergency Stop button(s) depressed, failed - Check Teach Pendant, Controller Panel and Cell E Stops for functionality.

    - Safety Fence is open when Robot is in Repeat Mode.

    - Has Robot Arm got fitted external joint overtravel switches, if one is triggered, this would prevent motor power on.

    - Cubic S (if fitted) is showing an error, which introduces an Emergency Stop condition until error is resolved.

  • Hi,

    Controller model is E27F-A001.

    Now I manage to turn ON the motor but the robot is not yet moving. I try to use TP but not working.

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