How should I reset my robot to factory settings

  • Hello everyone,

    I have a robot that is used in an automatic line.

    If I turn this on I have a lot of errors and can do little on the TP.

    Could you help me get it to factory settings so that I can start with a clean robot.

    And can see if I already have fewer errors.

    I am not very familiar with robots and certainly not with fanuc.

    Thank you in advance,

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  • An "INIT Start" should get you back to an "as-shipped from Fanuc" condition. Make sure to take a full AOA and Image backup before you do this, as once executed there is no going back without backups.

    Hold F1 and F5 while power cycling the robot to get to the boot monitor, then select INIT Start.

  • To start with clean but mastered robot after INIT START find file SYSMAST.SV in ur ALL OF ABOVE backup and copy to a USB or compact flash card,as robot does controlled start mode after INIT START go to MENU>FILE>F5 UTILITY and set which medium u are using,then F3 to load mastering data and after that FCTN>COLD START.

  • it will work with INIT Star, i have tried it before.

    don't forget to take the All of Above back up and restore the All of above backup data at the same position robot to prevent from Miss :thumbs_up:match of the pulse coder count.

  • for the most obvious errors as in SRVO-007/037/280 the remedy is to use jumpers on the EES and SVOFF connector to get rid of external emergency and SVOFF error and for IMSTP MENU>NEXT>SYSTEM>CONFIG and disable UI signals...since ur controller is not specifying which fuse is blown u have to check them all to find broken one... and to recover from SRVO-062 u do the reset pulse coder procedure as MENU>NEXT>SYSTEM>MASTER>CAL,press F3 RES_PCA,F4 YES and after reset do a cold start

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