KUKA communication with Python Script

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    I am trying to run custom python code for computer vision, and am trying to send the results from a PC as float information to the controller (KRC4-KSS8.3.11) to be interpreted. With this in mind, the python code will be running on a PC, which is in turn connected to the controller. The only connection software package installed on the controller seems to be PROFINET-NEXXT-3.1.5. I have browsed through the documentation and haven't found much help in that regard. Does anyone here know if it is possible to communicate such information from the PC to the controller via PROFINET or some other alternative that I don't know about?

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  • Whatever protocol you use has to be supported on both ends.

    So, if all the robot has is ProfiNet, you would need ProfiNet on your PC. That usually involves a hardware adapter, or a SoftPLC. Both of which tend to be pretty expensive, and have their own learning curves. I think LabView can also talk ProfiNet, but again, tends to be very expensive.

    OTOH, Python on a regular PC can support TCP/IP and UDP. But to enable those on a KRC4, you would have to buy and install the KUKA EtheretKRLXML Tech Package.

    The "all free" option would be to try using OpenShowVar, but that's not a supported package, so you'd be largely on your own trying to get it to work. There are forum posters who say they've had good luck with it, though. I haven't used it, myself.

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