Creating Kawasaki Robot backup for RS006LA

  • Hi all ,

    i'm trying to create backup for my E01 controller , as i will be connecting Kemmpi welding machine

    i forgot the steps ,,and i searched on all the manuals but no point

    what i did :

    from save/load option ,i saved all the data into usb

    i typed on the aux page 894 it open CF image backup function , but i couldn't select the usb

    any help will be appreciated

  • Welcome to the forum...………:beerchug:

    Using the save/load option in Aux 02 creates the necessary backup information for restoration in the event of user data and system setting data loss.

    - So what you have done already using that option would have saved the required data - based on your file save data selections.

    Aux 0894 only displays the relative arm information, configuration and software versions.

    - There is no other function with 0894 as far as I'm aware (unless they have added a CF image backup function).

    - But I would be surprised if they have, and if they had, I would expect it to be within Aux 02 section.

    Can you provide any screenshots of Aux 0894 and also the listing displayed in Aux 08 Menu?

  • thanks for the reply , kindly see the image .

    as i remember there is a way to do the backup you need to use the dip-switch .

    ya i'm connecting the controller to my laptop ,however i'm using Kawasaki new programming softwaer KIDE .it can do the same plue the programming no need to use the notepad .

    now i selected the usb it's okay i did the CF image backup function and the file size is 500 mb .

    this is my first time trying this backup method so will this be enough ?

  • Cool...…………..I didn't realise that they had introduced that......About time Kawasaki.....:guru:

    KIDE is something developed by KRG (Kawasaki Robotics Germany), you would need to contact them directly for support on that (I think from memory).

    You clearly have on your USB:

    - A full filesave called (This is the standard backup usually created from Aux 02 Function).

    - An image file called savedata.ddi (This will be the complete image of the CF card).

    So, my question to you, how did you get the .ddi file onto your USB?

    - You must have carried out the CF backup operation already.

    Dipswitches are only used for upgrading firmware, kernel and initialization procedures.

    If you have a full file save and also a CF Image, that is all you require.

    - A CF image should only be used in instances of CF card failure or where instances of AS or SV corruption has occurred.

    - A full file save should be used to restore configuration data and user data, and extract existing data.

    • Helpful

    in replay to your question :

    after entering 894 it opens the CF backup than in file name selection i select my usb , BTW it was by mistake i found out about the CF backup really :D

    the file i name it that way , i created it from save/load than file type All , so i really hope it got all the data

    i really appreciate the support

  • You have all the data you would need...…

    There is no other storage medium within the Kawasaki...:top:

    The bonus is the additional CF options, it's been along time coming...

    Thankfully now available...:bravo:

    Could you tell me what revision AS firmware is installed (you will see it in the header of the .as file)?

  • Thank you, yes this is the version I have, I did not know if they continue development of it that is reason I asked.

    Also, you have discovered an undocumented menu with R code 894, which is going to benefit other users (including myself) of Kawasaki E/F Controller, so many thanks for this.....:dance2:

    Yes, your level and points may not allow you to attach the file size, I shall add the kide install to the Kawasaki Online Terminal Editors board for users to download.

    Many thanks...….:top:

  • Hi all, so I know this is an old thread but I would like to add r codes that seems the one you all were looking for :

    89401 : full image backup (ddi image)

    89402 : full image restore

    there are "hidden" codes, meaning no menu access to reach them.

    the controller will reboot during the process.

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