HELP M6ib r30ib controler

  • Is your payload correct ? Did you use payload identification function or is it manually entered ? Do the inertias entered reflect the real inertias of the tool ?

    You allready ruled out the amplifier so the next 2 possibilities of the fault are bad J2 motor and/or bad J2 reducer.

    Do you have collision guard option installed ? if so, in which sensitivity ? The fact that robot performs ok in auto mode (where the movement is fluid I guess without excessive starts and stops) suggests that the torque required to move J2 from a halted state is greater than the amount allowed from collision monitor and that's why it throws the error. This suggests either a mechanical issue or a faulty motor.

    Put the robot in auto mode and use the status > Axis screen to observe the Torque Monitor and the Disturbance monitor. Watch out for the J2 Axis performance. If there is a problem with the motor or the reducer the numbers will speak for themselves.

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  • Famous_Fella

    That is what we first thought, then we connected an identical robot to the controller and that immediately gave the same problem.

    Ok, in the original post you didnt write anything about the outcome of your test so I guessed that when you connected another robot you didnt experience the same problem. So this rules out any mechanical or motor issues and makes harder to diagnose. Again, what I would do is put the robot in Auto mode and observe the Torque and Disturbance monitors. But I cannot tell you for sure if the problem lies on a bad servo amplifier or a servo drive. More experienced guys can enlighten you. I would first try and change the J2 servo drive. It sure is cheaper than an amplifier.

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