Welding robot wire stick out

  • Personally, it depends on wire size. 030 i use 15mm stickout. 035 - 045, i use 15-17mm stickout. 052 and above i go for 19mm or more. Just make sure your wire cast is under control and you have a functioning wire brake for best touchsense results.

  • A wire brake is an option from your welding equipment manufacturer (or motoman upon request). In a nutshell, an air solenoid sends air to a pneumatic mechanism in the body of the welding torch assembly and is triggered with a universal output. I am not saying that a wire brake is necessary for wire touch sense, but it does help in a lot of situations. If you do not have a wire brake, I would advise against using the end of the wire to touch the parts, as the stickout will vary with arm movement. Using the side of the wire would be advised without a brake.

  • When using wire touch sense certain steps have to be taken to minimize/eliminate stickout variation.

    I've been using wire touch sense without wire brake for years with great success. I've been told that with our robots (using Kemppi power source and CWK-600 torch) wire brake is not offered.

  • For one of my application I use a custom made "teaching" tip to gather all my weld position co-ordinates, this is because I have many points to find and to eliminate the movement of the wire caused my the robot arm positions.

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