• Does anyone have experience with the PM setting for the axis reducers? We have many new robots in the plant but 2 YRC1000 GP180 robots are telling us to change the T axis reducer. They only have 7,000ish servo hours on them so I was wondering if someone has messed with the hours the reducer has left? I have not set up any lifetime diagnostics on them yet either so are the diagnostics on by default?

    I guess I am not sure how serious to take this message. I went ahead and ordered a replacement kit just in case.

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  • This is like the check engine light in your car. Sometimes it's a real warning that something bad is about to happen and sometimes it's the manufacturer trying to get you to come in for service.

    Change to management security level

    Change S2C1233 to a “1”.

    Select PM icon

    Select on inspect notice


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    I would open up the T-axis grease exhaust (with it pointing up) and stick a wire tie in to sample the grease. If it's dark, consider changing the grease even though the guideline is 12k hours. Heavy T-axis usage and/or an earlier crash can cause premature wear. If it's still light colored with good consistency, then the reassurance you get is worth the trouble.

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