NX TCP inverted?

  • I have a 6-axis Fanuc set up in NX CAM with a straight head and a generic ball mill tool doing a program that follows a simple rectangular path (drive method: curve/point). I have set up the kinematic chain and gotten all the CSYS oriented so that the post-processed file corresponds perfectly in RoboGuide to what I have in NX, but only if the TCP yaw of the UTool is set to 180deg in RoboGuide. The Poses come out perfectly, but once it goes to a linear point based on Cartesian coordinates, the TCP is inverted. I feel like I must be missing something obvious, but I can't find it. In NX, the robot/head/tool/part all simulate exactly correctly. RoboGuide is a fresh install taking the conversion of NX's ASCII output and the tool STL (I'm just using it to verify the path and orientation before I request access to the actual robot).

    Any ideas? Sorry if I haven't provided enough information - I don't even know where this problem would be stemming from.

  • In case anyone comes across this and is having the same problem, the Post Configurator in NX in the manufacturing environment has an option under Robotic Settings > FANUC Tool and Frame which lets you invert the spindle tool axis. This seems to have fixed my issue.

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