What programming language is Kawasaki using?

  • The language seems familiar, but is it Java, C++ or something else ?

    I'm new to Kawasaki and not used to text programming

  • AD
  • In Kawasaki there are 2 formats of programs:

    1. BLOCK Programming

    - This is done using ONLY Teach Pendant, as it is Teach Pendant Programming.

    2. AS Language Programming

    - This is advanced level programming language, having specific functions including repetitive functions


    If you are familiar with a certain programming language, you need only to learn the syntax :)

    90209-1022DEC_E-Series-AS-Language_Reference_Manual should be good for the programming part.

  • Great, thank you.

    The reason i'm asking is that when looking in the manuel, sometimes i need another or more examples. So i figured, that if the language is common, i could find help other places than the manual.

    The manual doesn't always specify in details what should be written in exact terms. And when googling, all results is to this page :)

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    I believe 'back in the day', Kawasaki AS Programming Language is based on the earlier VAL programming language developed and used for PUMA robots in the Unimation days (way before my time).

    There's a lot of history behind PUMA and VAL which links to a couple of Robot OEM's today, to name a couple:

    - Kawasaki (They refer to it as AS Language).

    - Staubli (I think they still refer to it as VAL).

    However, you can appreciate that Robot OEM's have added further commands/syntax since it's development, therefore studying their documentation will provide you with more current, applicable instructions.

    Most basic commands do have annotated examples, but as it is language based, you will find you can create your iterations in which these examples would obviously not be annotated, so studying the associated manuals or going on an AS Training course would certainly be of benefit.

    This makes it a very flexible and powerful programming language where you can combine commands.

    As already the mentioned, the convention to program used purely via the Teach Pendant is known as BLOCK and is proprietary to Kawasaki products, which provides a very 'rigid' programming structure intended to be created using the Teach Pendant only.

  • In the AS Manual you will find some programming examples (Section 11 I think).

    The iterations used are not what you would call complex, but certainly give you a good introduction to flow and structure for AS Language to build and develop on.

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