Monitor Servo Current in WorkVisual

  • Hi,
    can someone explain to me how to configure in visual work to be able to see the variables of the consumption of the motors in the oscilloscope.


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  • SkyeFire

    Changed the title of the thread from “work visual” to “Monitor Servo Current in WorkVisual”.
  • IIRC, motor current depends on motor rotation direction. In your screenshot, the Violet line (A1 current) appears to indicate that A1 started moving in the negative direction, reversed to the positive direction near the middle of the trace, then reversed again to move in the negative direction at low speed before coming to a complete stop.

    Also, watch the auto-scaling factors. The O-Scope trace display automatically scales all the Traces to fit onto the same screen, so axes that appear to be using the same current may actually be wildly different. So pay attention to the Scaling, Auto-Scaling, and Move Factors for each trace.

  • I need help please,

    Yesterday I managed to get online with the robots with the visual work to configure the TRACE, today it was impossible, what can happen


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