What parts do I need to buy in order to build a small industrial-like robot?

  • I want to build and program the robot as far as possible in the same way as it is done in industry. The robot should have six servo motors for a free choice of the orientation of the effector. Which parts should I buy for this? Should I buy some small servo motors and 3D-print the arm parts and program the controller with an AVR chip? If so, which servo motors should I buy, how should I wire the servo motors, etc? And I don't want to do it with Arduino at all, because I want to learn how something like this is done in the industry.

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  • That... depends entirely on the physical design of the robot. Something small using hobby servos is easiest, but isn't terribly similar to a real industrial robot. Going further up the scale, something like the TechMover Microbot using stepper motors would be next, but plain steppers are still open-loop, so you'll need to deal with that. The next step up the cost/complexity chain would probably use Dynamixel servos or ClearPath stepper servos.

    Whatever you do, you'll have to develop a kinematic model, and deal with flex, backlash, zeroing... the water gets deep fast.

    I would suggest starting with something like this SainSmart robot, to get your feet wet and familiar with the issues without breaking your budget.

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