Roboguide TP Programs not generated yet

  • I am trying to add a unit load in ROBOGUIDE. Anyone run into creating a cell from a backup and it not generating the TP programs? Typically I upload from the workcell controller and then download edits. NOt seeing an option to do this?:question_mark:

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  • Is this a pallet tool cell? When you recreated the cell from a backup, did you create the cell as a pallet tool cell? RoboGuide will allow you to recreate a pallet tool cell as a handling tool cell, but there will be no palletizing options.

  • That was it. Thank you

    I was flying through and missed the turn:)

    But, something else odd happened when I went to download the unit load. I ended up losing r110 Utoolz? I got to crush some boxes over that one. Ended up doing a restoration from a back-up. Went to control start and it didn't give me the menu to restore. I had to control start again to get the menu. Weekend gremlins?

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