Ford Kawasaki Standard

  • Hi, people.

    I know a huge spreadsheet with lots of tabs containing signal tables and all sorts of information, but I'm wondering if other supplementary material does exist.

    I would appreciate If someone have docs/backups/ or anything else related to Kawasaki Ford standard that could be shared with me.

    Let's say I'm investigating a situation, so I cannot ask Ford directly for this material, yet.


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  • Hey, kwakisaki .

    I would like to know, for example, if Ford Kawasaki differ from standard Kawasaki in any significative ammount, like Toyota ones. Does it have custom menus, instructions and so on? Or the standard is only a convention for program and signal naming?

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    I do know that there are specific options in the Controllers that relate to the US and possibly Ford.

    These usually sit in the 'maintenance switch area' usually referred to as ZSWITCHES and a lot of characteristic differences usually sit in there.

    For instance:



    If you can get your hands on a Ford Spec backup, then you could compare this with a Toyota Spec and a Standard Spec and see the differences in these and also the OP options.

    Some may be obvious, others may not be.

    Also electrically:

    US Controllers have 2 supply voltages used for Teach (low) and Repeat Modes (high).

    EU Controllers only have one.

    Toyota use an internally mounted PLC (Toyopuc).

    Ford may also use this, or an alternative or none at all....?

    Toyota also use VSF (virtual safety fence - software version of cubic s).

    Ford may also use this or not.....?

    Toyota also interfaced with Devicenet too (I think more on the paint system side).

    I think it would be safe to say, you are more likely to come across more customized menu's in the Toyota Spec as opposed to Ford (But this is a pure guess as I have never used a Ford Spec).

    The Ford/US Spec may just be directed towards safety circuit operations.

    I think KRI would have been involved in the spec for Ford aswell as KHI and if you have any nice connections with KRI, then I'd fire an email off to them and see if they respond.

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