SRVO-038 and SRVO-138

  • I'm a student and recently I ran into the SRVO-038 error using R-30iA with my school robot. I used this procedure…038-servo-pulse-mismatch/ but the robot failed to calibrate.

    After that I followed post #11 here Mastering by Direct Entry of Encoder Pulses and failed to calibrate again.

    I then entered back the old $MASTER_COUN values , but the picture I took from them was not that good because small part of the picture was behind a lamp glare and I'm not sure I entered the correct value for axis-6. After that I did the quick master and zero point master (robot is in 0-position).

    Now I get the SRVO-138 alarm, and the value for axis-6 in $MASTER_COUN is way off. SRVO-138 tells me the pulse coder for axis-6 is faulty.

    So is there a problem with the pulse coder or did I mess up something? There is no backup available. Is there a way to fix this? Any help would be much appreciated.

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  • Nevermind. I came back to school today and booted the robot and it's working now. I got another problem though, that although I can jog the robot to 0-position and save position, that position has different values than in menu -> position. Do I have to reset the home position from somewhere?

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