SRVO-050 COLLISION ALARM on Fanuc LR mate 200i

  • We only have a paper manual and I'm not at the shop. My rusty memory tells me you need to remove the screws you marked as "B" and the mounting plate comes off with it. The wave generator is bolted to the motor and won't fit thru the small hole in the mounting plate if you remove screws marked "A". Also be careful of the paper gaskets if you want to reuse them. I suggest you buy Loctite 518 if you have a Fanuc robot.

    It takes a little patience to get the wave generator back into the flexspline. Make sure you have the SK3 grease for the harmonic drive.

    You will have to remaster and calibrate axis J2 but you should use single-axis master for just J2.

    For reference, I attached a picture of what the grease in a bad LRMate 200iC harmonic drive looked like.

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  • Hello, thank you, It's help me a lot!

    Finally I unscrewed the J2 motor (bolt marked A in my previous post), but impossible to pull the motor... but now with this information I understand why...

    this afternoon, I decided to unscrew the 8 bolt marked C and I find the harmonic drive. His sweet name is:

    Harmonic Drive Systems 62 012173 10

    for now I didn't find the technical datasheet on google... but I will search again..

    Tomorrow I will unscrew bolt marked B...

    I have already seen grease into this harmonic drive, and it was not black.. (maybe a good sign)

    what do you think about D screws? (see enclose)

    thank you for your advises, I will buy loctite 518, and I will take care of the paper gasket.

    I will tell you how is going.

  • on this photo marker E means where I cleaned. I will clean all this black substance.

    What is the reason? bad grease which burned with the temperature?

    Have a nice evening !

  • You need to remove the wave generator (E) from the motor shaft and clean it along with the area under it.

    Heat darkens grease along with contaminants such metal dust from wear and very small amounts of aluminum & seal surfaces oxidizing & leaching into the grease.

  • Hello,

    The motor plate and the wave generator are clean!

    Today, I pull the J2 motor and I completely dismantle the wave generator, I remove all the previous grease and the black substance with alcohol, and remove the dust with compressed air.

    The result is pretty cool, It's look like a new one...

    tomorrow I will dismantle the flexspline and clean the area under it.

    After I will put some new grease and I will ressemble it? Or there is something to do before?

    Thank you.

  • Hello,

    Some news about my project:

    Yesterday I disassembled the circular spline and the flexspline. I cleaned the bearing all parts was very dirty. Reassembly was not complicated, I took a lot of précaution so everything went well.

    But I have an other problem, like you told me I try to run the motor without a load and It's impossible. when I try to jog the axis always the same error srvo 050 collision detection alarm..

    The motor try to run it move a little , but instantly an error occurred.

    I tried to release manually the break (with 60V continuous power supply) and I tried to move the shaft, to feel If the break was release or not and it's is. I heard a click sound from the motor when I power on the power supply and I can turn manually the motor shaft.

    So any idea?

  • Hello, I measured armature resistance of my J2 motor, and nothing to report. It's the good values compared to the datasheet and the same compared J3, and J4 motor axis..

    I have no idea what's wrong with this axis..

    bad wiring of the motor? or the encoder? issue in the servo amplifier board? setting of the RJ3 controller?

  • The motor should rotate very smooth with the brake released.

    Measure the motor phases at the servo amp J3 motor connector so you can measure the cable too.

    Since you may end up removing axis J2 motor to clean out and regrease the reducer, you could swap motors and see if the problem follows the motor.

  • Hello, Thank you for your reply, it's very useful.

    I solve a problem but I found an other one..

    Last week I check all wires into the main cable and I found bad connections in it.. In fact the J2 motor was not correctly wiried. So I repaired.

    Now I can jog the J2 axis when the robot is lay on a table (with no load on this axis) the J2 axis move without problems, but when I straighten the robot, there is a SRVO-053 disturbance excess error.

    In fact the J3 axis oscillating. I can't jog only the J2 axis, I know it's normal but when I jog the J2 axis, the J3 axis cause an error...

    So I pull the J3 reducer and the J3 motor. It's was almost the same like J2 axis. And when I release the J3 brake and move the shaft manually it's produce a bad sound. I took a video:

    what's the problem now?

    Thank you.

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