Adding a second Welding Machine to a single Robot System

  • Hello!

    We currently have an ABB Robot Welding System which uses an ESAB 5000i Welding Machine with the W82 AristoMig Integrated option. Selecting the ESAB option under the Arc System Options allows for an ESAB Application to be installed under the Production Screen where one can access the Welding Machine Schedules for editing.

    We added a second welding torch (and machine) to the same robot so the torches weld at a fixed pitch next to one another. This is to boost welding "speed"/production. What I would like to achieve is to be able to have a second application for ESAB under the Production Screen so I can access the second welding machine on the fly,but the system only allows one welding machine to be installed.

    I have tried to affect the system by installing option "651-2 Two Additional Welding Systems" on the Controller. This allows for Robotware Arc Application to have multiple welding machines but selecting the second or third welding machine in the Robotware Arc Application,then causes the ESAB Application to display unknown Welding Machine Error when opened.

    For the life of me I cannot find the link that the ESAB Application uses to select the welding machine. This must be contained in the system files somewhere. If we change the Devicenet Address of the AristoMigIntegrated1 on the Devicenet Bus then we can open the second welding machine but this requires system restarts which is not ideal.

    Any advice or help is appreciated.:smiling_face:



  • What you're trying to do is "impossible".

    Multiple Welding Systems is for when you have separate welding equipment, i.e. a MIG here and a plasma there and you switch between them, then you get ARCL and ARCL1 instructions allowing you to connect to both (separately).

    For a single system, twin torch solution like yours you have a few options.

    1. Pitch the welding equipment and buy a dedicated twin torch system (Fronius, SKS, etc.) not sure if ESAB has it.

    I understand this is not the response you want, so the solution for what you have is that there is no solution (short of developing your own arc instructions and GUI), only compromises.

    Come to think of it, I think the old Fronius Twin is still DNET so you might be able to set it up as a Froinus Twin and re-map all the signals / I/O's to match the ESAB machine (let me poke around a bit).

    Post your EIO and PROC file (or send via PM)

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