How to write number and character using yaskawa robot

  • Hi. I'm yaskawa robot operator in Korea.

    Recently my customer needs write Character and number.

    For all I know, other robot has write Character and # program. but yaskawa doesn't have.

    He wants various font size.

    Does Yaskawa has a write character program?

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    • Helpful

    What tool does the robot have for writing?

    Last year I had to make a program to our welding robot to weld some info onto the product.

    The info to be welded is stored in a string variable. The program splits the string into individual characters/numbers and then welds them one-by-one.

    The program makes a "grid" out of local position variables and a character is achieved by welding from one LP to another in a sequence specific to the character at hand.

    The size of the text depends on the grid size which is defined by a line in the program before making the grid. So it can be changed easily.

    It welds a character and then shifts to the next one (the shift from one character to another is linked to the size of the grid to keep the text even). It does so until all the characters in the string variable are welded.

  • Thank you for your advice! :smiling_face:

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