KUKA Robot gripping

  • What is the best way to arrest or grip moving Mild steel work-piece using KUKA robot? The work-piece is moving at constant speed on overhead conveyor and those are hooks actually used for powder coating purpose or Mild still panels.

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  • I'm not sure why the material is relevant.

    The conveyor, however, is a potential problem, especially if it doesn't stop moving. That would probably require using ConveyorTech to synchronize the robot to the conveyor.

    But from your description, the parts are hanging from hooks, which is another possible complication. How much do the parts swing? How consistently are the parts hung on the hooks? These are the factors that are likely to be the most problematic for any robot.

  • SkyeFire exactly! That is where i am facing problem. Although i can stop swings to the extent with different part design or geometry, the problem is still how to arrest the hooks where it is not possible to stop conveyor nor slow it down. The speed is though around 8m/min.

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