Error KSS29002 - Object Stop returns error RSIBad - pops up sometimes

  • Hi everyone,

    We're using a kr10 r1100-2, with KRC4 Compact, KSS 8.5.8 and RSI 4.0.9.

    Our system works with auto_ext, where the main computer controls which krl programs runs each time.

    One of the programs, allows to choose which rsi file to load and then enters the RSI_MOVECORR mode.

    The rsi diagram contains a stop block which command to exit the RSI_MOVECORR mode. This stop block is triggered from a channel in the Ethernet block.

    Usually, everything works perfectly fine. But once in a while (could be several hours), the following error appears:

    Error KSS29002 - Object Stop_1 returns error RSIBad (Stop_1 is the stop object I was talking about).

    It does happen at the same krl line every time, but as I said, it just happens sometimes with no appearing reason.

    The code looks like the following:

    The error is pointing on the LIN_REL {X 0} line.

    The reason I'm using

    LIN_REL {X 0}

    and not just:

    $SEN_PINT[1] = 1
    $SEN_PINT[2] = 1

    Is because the second one is not working well, and I found the first one to work well.

    What does the RSIBad means? That the stop object expects a boolean value and gets a different value?

    I can't understand why it only happens once in a while when working repetitively executing the exact same programs.

    I would appreciate any help.


  • AD
  • According to the manual, 29002 indicates an error in the RSI object, that it has not been configured properly. So the actual RSIVisual project is the first place to look.

    The other thing to do would be to add an RSIMonitor object to the RSI project, linked to the various input states to the Stop object, and compare a trace when the error occurs to a "normal" trace. If the error is intermittent, then there almost has to be some unique condition causing the Stop object to fail this way. A trace should make it visible.

  • Thanks SkyeFire.

    I found the source of the error today.

    This error is triggered in case a 'Stop' rsi block with mode: 'ExitMoveCorr' is triggered while the robot is not in RSI_MOVECORR mode.

  • 感谢 SkyeFire。


    如果在机器人未处于 RSI_MOVECORR 模式时触发了具有模式的 'Stop' rsi 块:'ExitMoveCorr',则会触发此错误。

    Hey, I meet the same problem. Could you tell me how to fix it in detail?

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