Kuka KRC1 editing link error

  • Hi,

    I'm new so i hope this will be on the right spot.

    So, yesterday i bought a USB floppy driver because I'm trying to work with my KRC1 programs on my computer.

    I took a floppy disk and put it in my KRC1 then i selected File/Save all on the floppy disk.

    I made a backup on my computer from this. Then I beggun to modify a program like changing some points and some coordinates.

    I also opened some files from my backup with Notepadd++ with a kuka langage pluggin just to understand how it works.

    I tryed to put the new modified program on my KRC1 by putting the floppy in the computer and i made a mistake. I selected upload all from the floppy disk.

    Here my folders were copied well like "copied : \MADA\R1"... and same for all the folders.

    But then, I saw "compiling errors" and a bunch of errors. and when i wanted to open a program (not only the modified program), it says "error during the link editing".

    From here I decided to come back with my floppy backup I made but it says the same errors.

    I also saw some topics which said to chekc if there is any red X on the files but i saw nothing similar.

    Do someone know how can i repair this ?

    Thanks in advance.


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  • while in principle things are more or less the same, some things mentioned in forum may not apply directly as there are software version differences.

    you did not specify which KSS exactly is on your machine but this is clearly an older KSS.

    perhaps your dumping of files created duplicates which clearly would cause problems.

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  • KRC1? Whooooo... it's been a long time, but I don't think the older KRC1s put the red X icon on files with compilation/link errors. Instead, IIRC, they generated a .ERR file that contained a list of the errors.

    Looking at your screenshot, I think there's an ATMC.ERR file (the extension is ...'d). I would try opening that file and see what it contains.

    Also, the message window should show which files are generating errors. Although, the trick here is that the errors can daisy-chain. For example, if you create a syntax error in $CONFIG.DAT, which almost all the programs in the robot rely on, you would get a message for that error. But you would also get a linking error message for every program that relies on $CONFIG.DAT. So a single error can generate huge cascades of messages, if it's in the right (wrong?) place.

    Hunting this down can take some work, but you want to look for patterns. If you have multiple programs that are showing a linking error to a particular variable or function/subroutine, then you need to track down the file where that variable/function/subroutine is declared, and concentrate on fixing the errors there first. I usually take a backup of the robot, and search it on a computer using something like BareGrep or Windows Grep.

  • I've checked in the krc1 manual and error 2029 is"syntax error in module" and the 2247 is something like "both of the valu are not compatible".

    But when i go to the indicated line, i saw nothing... and most of the time, the error say there is a problem to the line 200 or more but the program stop to the line 80.

  • can you post those program files?

    if you are looking at files offline, make sure to add number of lines in the file header.

    just count lines at the top of the file that start with & and add that count to line number reported by robot. for example if you have 5 lines with & then

    2247 + 5 = 2252

    so check line 2252 in your editor.

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    2) if you have an issue with robot, post question in the correct forum section... do NOT contact me directly

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  • According to the expert manual, the error is defined like this:

    3 SRC 74 PDAT_ACT=PPDAT1 2247( 9)

    3 is just the number of the line for this file

    SRC is for the .SRC file of the program

    74 is the line in the .SRC file where is the problem

    and 2247 is the number of the error

    The .SRC file is attached, I've opened it with a kuka KRC1-2 editor but I saw nothing. when i open it with Notepad++ I see the error line (which is 74+2 because the 2 first lines are for the program name) but I don't find the error. But when I open the DAT file (which should contain the declarations data of each points/frame and others) it's empty.

    I don't know if it's really a problem of DAT file which cannot give informations to the SRC file.

    But if it's this kind of problem, is there any issue to restore the dat file from the src file?

  • line of code is


    so one of those two is not defined or not defined correctly

    (9) refers to character number in that line which points at PPDAT1

    this suggests that PPDAT1 is not found or it is corrupt in your DAT file.

    what you want to do when manually editing files is keep the originals so you can compare before and after when disaster strikes.

    1) read pinned topic: READ FIRST...

    2) if you have an issue with robot, post question in the correct forum section... do NOT contact me directly

    3) read 1 and 2

  • Yes, but I don't have the original file :rolleyes: and the DAT file has been corrupted i guess. So i just deleted some lines in my machining program. Now it works but at the end of the machining, the robot dont check the tool. I will say to the operator to be carefully with that and it's fine.

    Thanks for your help ! :bravo:

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