collision situation

  • On one of our robots we had a collision while operation.

    In the error log, a collision error was found (photo 3). You can see that step 0 in the program "new_tool" when a collision situation occurred.

    We want to get an answer which describes meaning about step 0. Can you say which step was when collision situation occurred? (backup attached)

  • From what I know:

    STEP: is usually where program cursor is at (step under execution).

    CURRENT STEP: is usually the step that is being processed.

    (If CURENT STEP is a position, this usually links to the END POSE values).

    For example:

    If the Robot had just started/during/finished to execute STEP 3, and discovered a problem further down the processing list, lets say STEP 9.

    Then usually you would see:

    STEP: 3


    I have never come across instances of STEP 0: and to compound that the CURRENT STEP: 124, this has many motion steps leading upto this, so I would expect the STEP: to be showing one of those step no.s.

    But your error appeared to occur when the Controller was in a STOP condition.

    Which could be attributed to one of your PC Program...….however, maybe looking through the error logs, operation log and exec program log may yield potentially why...………SAVE/FULL xxxx would have included this information.

    From your log:

    - There were some modifications at around 7:14 and before.

    - Main was then primed.

    - 5 minutes later motor power and teach=> repeat were set (appears you turn motor on with repeat)

    - 2 minutes later an error reset was carried out.

    - 6 s later cycle start was applied.

    - 28s later collision detected for JT2 was triggered.

    I feel there is further information that is missing, that would be relevant to finding an answer to this.

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