Clamp force adjustment and weld programming

  • Separate thread for different issue involving the S52 controller set up.

    I am attempting to perform two tasks. The first being servo gun tip force adjustment. I believe I am following the directions correctly.

    I go to the force adjustment screen, scroll to set 1 insert 1000 N, deadman/enable/clamp, record force of 980 N in measured column, current calc., complete. I go to record for 2000N, I type 2000 in the set column, enter, deadman/enable/clamp, but i only get 980 N. Unless I go to the servo weld gun condition screen, and adjust my teach force to 2000 N am I able to get a higher force when in the tip force adjustment screen. I should not have to go back and forth between these two screens and change the teaching force should I?

    Second task, I am attempted to program a weld...

    1. I attach the weld gun, gun status 4,1, deadman/clamp/gun status. The gun connects fine

    2. Program a simple open position record,

    3. Deadman/enable/clamp. Gun closed, record position. Open gun, record position.

    When I attempt to run the program, I get weld schedule setting data is abnormal.

    If I record the step 2 with a gun status of K (workless reference). The program runs.

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  • Kawasaki did not produce any nice step by step guides to fully calibrate servo gun unless you were part of the commission team, as it was considered a specialist task and was usually carried out before the equipment was shipped to customer in conjunction with Servo Gun Vendor.

    I made my own small document for force calibration for E Controller (See attached).

    I think Aux function no.s are the same for S Controller, but you will see different screen layout, but I think this will help.

    This assumes you have already correctly set servo parameters and gun is operational.

    Part 1: - Fitting the tips of load meter and ensuring max force can be delivered (Do this in Teach Mode).

    Part 2: - Carry out Force calibration using Repeat Mode.

    Part 2 should also assist you with your 2nd question...…….:top:

  • Attempted to execute the procedure. I wrote the simple calibration program, but when I went to run the program, I am still getting error E5005 Weld schedule setting data is abnormal.

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