KUKA robot Prgramming

  • Generally robot is programmed with endpoint teaching and it repeats same points every time. How to program KUKA without teaching next point. I want to install laser sensor/proxy at end gripper and till the sensor get sensed robot needs to move in say any of the 3 direction given. Or say with the help of image processing how to command robot everytime to move at different point with different value?

  • Open the robot system integrator or programming manual to "Programming for user group "Expert"". Then read and learn how to program robot with Kuka Robot Language (KRL). Make sure to follow safety guidelines and don't run untested code at full speed.

  • If you want to calculate robot path instead of teaching it- you will want to learn KRL. If you want to do something advanced- look into computational geometry too (if you haven't already).

  • Positions can be manipulated in KRL to any degree you like, as long as you have sufficient data. A 3-DOF vision system, for example, will not provide enough data for a 6-DOF correction.

    You need to study the KUKA documentation on the Geometric Operator, the INV_POS function, and the relationships between $WORLD, $BASE, $TOOL.

  • 1) Create a interrupt that checks a digital input linked with your sensor and calls a specific procedure. Declare this interrupt at the main level.

    2)Create a subprogram were you activate the interrupt and move the robot in all direction you want.

    3)Inside the specific procedure, write the command BRAKE in the first line. Write some other code if you need, then end the procedure with RESUME.

    Doing like this, after the interrupt procedure has been called, the pointer should be resumed at the main program level: the current movement, started at the subprogram level, interrupted by the digital input, wont be completed

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