System Error Flexpendant IRC5 rw

  • Hi All,

    I'm working on ABB robot and sometimes after power on or restart flexpendant show system exception (see attached file).

    On Robotstudio everything is ok without error and robot continue working but flexpendant is unusable.

    I have already tried (without find a solution) to :

    -Update robotware version to 6.10

    -Exchange Flexpendant with a different controller

    -Reload the image on the TPU.

    -Change flash disk and create new system on robot controller

    Have you ever seen this kind of alarm? Any suggestion?

    thanks in advance for your support


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  • I have seen that error a few times. It has always been related to something in the config, usually MOC or EIO. Normally to find where the error is i would reinstall the system in its most basic form. Just a robot and robotware. No options. Then you start adding things step by step. Until it fails. This usually point you to the problem.

  • Thanks for the advise. I have this problem.

    I have modified the file moc. Can you tell me how can make the restore please. Because i can see in robotstudio the files but not init the flexpendant for make the restore

    Best regards

  • With the roboguide connected to its controller, you make a backup first and then, in the "controller" tab there is a restart option, and you display the restart menu and give I-start.
    Once started upload your backup or file to file

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