PNS execution

  • R30iB+, two MH and one weld robot. All robots are having the same issue...

    I'm to the point where I'm integrating a cell and checking functions from the HMI. When I try to send the robot home or to a repair position, via PNS, the HMI/PLC properly calls up the correct PNS program and executes it. Once the program is complete in the robot program, the cursor returns to the top of the PNS program and it restarts the program that just completed for a second or two and then aborts out of it on its own.

    The only thing I know or can tell is that the program is not written to repeat itself and that when the program has completed, I can see that UO3 (Prg Running) and UO10 (Busy) turn off, the cursor returns to the top, and then the program runs again for a brief time before aborting out.

    Any thoughts? Is this a PLC/Controller processing issue?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated!

  • Sounds to me like a PLC issue.

    Check UI[6] and UI[18]. The correct PLC programming routine should pulse on UI[18] briefly and then it should remain off until the next cycle is needed. UI[6] should not be used unless there is some kind of pause/resume logic required.

  • So your feedback got us back on track. From what I was told, the PLC was trying to command the program start bit at two different points during program execution for whatever reason. Since we reference past jobs, most likely, this was a timing issue or a band-aid that got implemented on a previous job that didn't work on this project.


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