Kawasaki generating path from CAD

  • Hello everybody,

    I'm currently working on a project. In the project robot has to cut shapes in fabric. The problem is: customer wants to be able to add new shapes to the base without our help.

    So the main clue is:
    We need a tool that converts 2D CAD files to robot paths. This must be done automatically: The technician upload the CAD file and the robot is ready for work ( with safety precautions)

    Unfortunatelly I haven't found such tool. Has anyone come across with something simmilar?

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  • Welcome to the forum...…….:beerchug:


    The technician upload the CAD file and the robot is ready for work ( with safety precautions)

    There is no such facility available (that I've come across) built into Kawasaki for that, unless the file has been processed to produce valid syntax for the Controller.

    Before loading into the Kawasaki, the CAD file will need processing in order to generate, the positional data to load into the controller and prepare the data's syntax in order for the Kawasaki to accept it.

    You would need to look at some post processing applications such as Mastercam , Sprutcam or RoboDK for this I think.

  • Thank you for the answer.
    However I was thinking more about something that can be installed once and doesn't require a monthly fee. I'll check if it's possible to easily convert G-code to AS.

  • That's the thing, with what you're asking there is no 'cheap' route unfortunately.

    Kawasaki produce an application called KCONG (only available in Asia) and costs thousands too.

    I came across someone a while ago who was looking into it and I'm sure they developed something, may be worth getting in touch with them to see if what they developed is of some use.


  • Thank You,
    I checked the link. Their program seems to be work well, however it doesn't transform the angles. Maybe I'll use one of the programs, you mentioned or I'll have to write something on my own.

    For now, the project is postponed, so I can't give any more feedback.

  • FYI

    RoboDK may be your best bet (and cheaper) direction to look into when the project re-emerges again, you can get 30 day trials with it, and I also believe they allow to trial it more than once.

    Here at Robot Forum, there is a dedicated board for RoboDK which has a RoboDK expert attached to it.


    It's not long been added and I'm sure Jeremy RoboDK would be interested in assisting you further with developing that, may be worth dropping a post in there, they may already have some sort of template in place.

    • Helpful

    I dunno what kinds of cutting unit for fabric.

    2 years ago, we test simple system.

    1. robot start from custom "Home Position".

    2. PLC send each step's X, Y, Z value

    3. one step moving and Stop. record current position. (ie - pos2)

    4. PLC given X,Y,Z value to Robot

    5. Robot "pos2" cartesian mix with PLC data.

    6. repeat 3, 4, 5 ~

    so.. we are consider where can apply this system.

    less comfortable but, Laser cutting? or Air_Blowing? possible. maybe.

    anyway, Need more robot's moving similar NC unit (continues move) ...
    I think this AS Language possible assign each Location data.

    ABB<br />FANUC<br />KAWASAKI<br />HHIR<br /><br />I Can handle it!

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