Help With Used up-130 dual robot system

  • Hi,

    I recently came into posession of a dual robot UP-130 system with an xrc-2001, a dual UP-165 system also with an XRC-2001 and four controller-less UP-6 manipulators. A horrid person chopped and discarded the cables for the Slave UP-165 making the UP-165 system useless except for parts. I have been trying to fire up the UP-130 system. Both controllers seem to boot but at start up i get one red led and two green leds on each WRCA card and then a 0021 Alarm communication error (Servo) . depending on which controller is booted first it will alternate between (servo) [50] and (servo) [51]. If i boot both controllers simultaneously it defaults at [51]. The Power supply to the left of the servo-pack has its green light on so power is being delivered. A minute or two after boot all lights on the WRCA card turn off. Tech support says robot one is having trouble communicating with robot two and vice versa. Important to mention is that someone had taken out a number of the cards in the slave controller and i had to put them back in as best i could according to the labels but some of the USB cables are not labelled. Any ideas on how to remedy this error? Also is it possible to reconfigure robot one to operate without robot two? being able to use only one robot may in fact be more ideal because i have limited space and then i could keep the slave robot and controller for parts and my UP-165 system would be usable as a single robot. Tech support said that this may be possible but that it may have to be done with management permissions (which they wont give me). Any advice is much appreciated.



  • The robot is configured as a dual. With the XRC series of robots, both controllers need to be powered on at the same time. You should run the power to the two controllers from one main disconnect and leave the controller power switches in the on position.

    Could be you have a cable in the wrong position or port. The previous owners could have swapped boards around and with the XRC, there is software on the WRCA and main CPU that must match. The best thing to do is have a service tech come in to check it over and see if they can get it running.

    If you want to separate the two robots, you will need a teach pendant for what is R2 now, hoping someone left the playback box in R2 and all the I/O parts that are normally stripped out of R2 in a dual. And yes you need to initialize both robots making them singles. You will need a service tech to do this.


  • Thank you. I was able to initialize the robot as a single by myself and the unit is now working.... in other news I tried to do the same with the up-165 and wound up with a 0400 parameter transmission error which I’m told means the parameters are now corrupted....I took the cpu from my extra up-130 and the wrca and put it in the up-165 and initialized it as a 165. This cleared the parameter transmission error but then gave me a servo communication error .... the robot is a single, has matching wrca and cpu as well as xsu and is initialized as a 165 but refuses to cooperate..... also I have an external holding error that won’t clear regardless of changed I/o connectors or I/o board is it possible that it could be a bad pendant connector? Can’t afford a tech. I figure this out or the things a paper weight.
    I really appreciate your help.



  • So I forgot to do a backup on the up-165 before I initialized so I’m in hot water in that respect ..... if I put the original cpu and wrca back in the controller and loaded a backup from my working up-130 could I then reinitialize as a 165 and perhaps right my terrible wrong?

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