Srvo- 156 IPMAL Alarm

  • getting multiple SRVO-156 IPMAL ALARMS on axis 1 when running at 100% it will run fine at 80%. I've changed the servo amp, RM1 and RM3 cable, and both axis 1 motors. Still faulting out were using an R-30ia cabinet. Also getting SRVO-106 door open/e-stop with the alarm I replaced the E-Stop board but it did not help.

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  • Quote from :

    Cause:  Abnormally high current flowed through the main circuit of the servo amplifier.
    Remedy:  Refer to the remedy of SRVO-045.

    SRVO-045 :

    Remedy:  Turn off the controller power, and disconnect the power cable  from the servo amplifier indicated by the alarm message.
    Also disconnect the brake cable to avoid the axis falling unexpectedly.
    1.  In the above condition, supply controller power again and check if this alarm occurs again. If this alarm occurs
    again, replace the servo amplifier.
    2.  About the power cable, check the insulation of their U, V, W and the GND lines each other. If there is a
    short-circuit, replace the power cable.
    3.  About the power cable, measure the resistance between their U and V, V and W, and W and U with an ohmmeter
    that has a very low resistance range. If the resistances at the three places are different from each other, the motor,
    the power cable is defective. Check each item in detail and replace it if necessary.
    Refer to the Controller Maintenance Manual for more information.

    Hope it helps you.

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