KUKA KRC2 control via Xbox PS4 gamepad

  • Hello,
    unfortuately I didn't find the answer in other topics.
    I would like to use the game controller (xBox or PS4) to control the robot's movements. Have a KUKA KR210 with KRC2 ed.05 cabinet. It will not be a commercial/industrial project, so the solution does not have to had industrial safety standards. Only for own testing purposes. Has anyone tryied similar topic?

  • I do not know about these gamepads (if they have any SDK or API), but if they have any, I think it is programmable. On the web is a video showing the robot control via mobile phone (using KukaVarProxy).

  • The first thing you need is to figure out how you are going to communicate. Does your KRC2 have I/O installed? or other communication cards?

    i am no expert on game controllers but i dont think there is a direct way to connect to KRC, so you are probably going to need something to intermediate between the 2. Then it all depends on what you exactly want to control.

    Also you mention you don't have to adhere to safety standards, but i would like to point out that a KR210 (or any industrial robot for that matter) is not something you should discard safety so easily. I recommend that you have at least working emergency buttons and some sort of deadman switch while jogging the robot with your gamepad.

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  • Kukavarproxy and Ethernet connection - like a RoboDK software use to robot connect. About safety I think I can run a specify prepared program (in auto mode) which read variables (XYZABC) in constant time interval.

    That's my idea but I am looking for help with configuration Kukavarproxy and ethernet connection.

  • kukavarproxy seems very interesting..

    I want to use a kr210/krc2 with manual control(like something full speed jog) but no from teach pendant

    i want control from arcade video joystick-buttons i want to have linear movements X-Y-Z & circular A-B-C

    I know very good java & a little c/c++ to build a client app.

    This can be done with auto external control with some plc or better can be done with kukavarproxy ?

  • I sucessfull move my robot from external laptop ethernet connection with JOpenShowVar with kukavarpoxy on robot.

    I will gladly know the details(not only me). I have problem with proper configuration od ethernet connection(where You plug a cable into kuka cabinet?(which socket/card)

  • Hello we did successfully develop plugin for movement by 3DConnexion 3D Mouse or using Smart Phone gyro sensors. You can use with your PS4 gamepad.

    This plugin not using any external tool and directly KSS integrated and no need to endless loop or automatic mode. You can use just like jog buttons. But you can not using without deadman button. It is mean you should be push deadman or ESC connection modification for external button.

    Unfortunately it is not free.

  • Hello, i managed to control Kuka by logitech joystick and even by using my voice and do voice touchups :grinning_squinting_face: and robot replays the moves hihi

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  • I think for you to try is the simplest way yo go with KukaVarProxy... And it's free... You just run KukaVarProxy.exe on the robot and every variable that is declared in config.dat is accessible over ip of the robot on port 7000...

    That simple... Then in krl program you are just making changes to that variable over pc server where you are reading the data from joystick... You could also hookup arduino in that way or raspberry PI and control the robot with... Basically it is just simple TCP/IP communication then... But have to realise this is not realtime control but regardless it is quite responsive like you see in the video and the pc also have to decode the voice commands...

  • I don't see any reason why you couldn't... You just send enough points before advance run pointer can reach them in order to avoid stops beetwen motions....

    For example if you are sending 20 points at the at time and you have $ADVANCE=3 then you must send new 20 points at least before advance run pointer reaches the 17 point...

  • Normal or crosswire ethernet cable?

  • I'm also searching for a similar solution. I'm working at the university and we just had a donation of a KR210 with a KRC2. I want to research on such interaction, not game controller but with a different DIY interface.

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