RA010L Tool Coordinates Changing Problem

  • Hello Guys ,

    We are facing a strange changing in RA010L welding robot tool coordinates changing after running the robot for some time .

    We have brand new RA010L robot , we have initialize it , calibrate & register the TCP then adding external axis with cooperation , everything went smooth , then we start programming using AS touch sensing , The robot was ruing perfectly ; After one week we found that all programs are shifted & the code is not running perfectly .

    After checking the back up we found that Tool data changed without any intervention from programmer or operator .

    We tried to return back the original tool data but the shifting still exists .

    We initialize the robot again & load the latest working back up with us & still the problem exists .

    Did any one faced such a problem ?

    What could be the cause of changing the tool coordinates ?

    Why the robot is not working after initializing it and uploading the back-up ?


    Regards,<br /><br />SAQER ALI<br />ROBOTICS WORLD FZE

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  • That is strange yes, it is not normal for values to suddenly change without cause.

    You mention all programs have shifted.

    - Do you mean all location values have now changed in comparison to previous values.

    - Do you mean all location values are the same and just tool data is incorrect.

    - Is there any BASE of FRAME commands used in process.

    - What do you mean initialize, what method are you using.

    Can you provide:

    1. Full backup of when it was working correctly.

    2. Full backup of when it was not working.

    (You can send data to me via conversation if you wish to protect company ip property).

    • Helpful

    Have a look at the system switch called QTOOL and make sure it is turned off.

    By default from factory QTOOL is ON and when you put the robot in teach the tool gets nulled.

    By turning the System switch QTOOL off the robot will retain its current tool values when it enters teach mode.

    It can be found under AUX menu 5. Advance, then menu 2. System Switch Mid way down the first page.

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