Siemens / Fanuc Profisafe Connection Issue

  • I've been trying to setup Profinet/Profisafe communication between a Siemens PLC and a Fanuc Robot for the past few days. I've managed to get standard I/O (e.g. DI/DO/UOP In/UOP Out) across, but not the safe I/O.

    PLC: Siemens S7-1512SP F-1 | Software: Tia Portal V15.1

    Robot: Fanuc R-1000iA / R-30iB Plus | Software: V9.10

    Profinet Card: CP1604 | Firmware:


    Slot 1, Subslot 1000: 8 Bytes Safety

    Slot 1, Subslot 1001: 32 Bytes Input

    Slot 1, Subslot 1002: 32 Bytes Output

    Ethernet connections:

    PLC Port 1 -> Ethernet Switch Port 2

    CP1604 Port 1 -> Ethernet Switch Port 4

    I've followed Fanuc's "R30iB Plus Profinet I-Device and Safety (CP1604) Configuration with Firmware 2.7" document several times with no success.

    • Tried making the GSDML file with CP1604 V2.7 and V2.8.
    • Tried connecting the CP1604 directly to the PLC.
    • Tried wiping the CP1604 to factory settings.
    • Tried several Profisafe addresses, within and outside the type 1 F-destination limits.

    The attached zip file should have all my diagnostic pictures.

    Is there anything else I can try?

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  • I managed to get it fixed on Monday. I had to re-download the initial software due to some other issue, but after that:

    1. I did a factory reset on the CP1604 (via TIA Portal).
    2. I loaded in pn2720.fwl from the J744 folder (located inside the Fanuc core software USB stick (shipped with the robot)).
    3. I made a GSDML file with (provided by Fanuc over email) in TIA Portal V15.1 (I figure this used the catalog CP1604 V2.7, but hey, it might be different).
    4. Downloaded the hardware configuration to the CP1604.
    5. Imported the GSDML file into my current project. Assigned matching Profisafe addresses and etc. (according to Fanuc's guide - R30iB Plus Profinet I-Device and Safety (CP1604) Configuration with
      Firmware 2.7)
    6. Downloaded the hardware configuration to my PLC.

    And then it worked? I also disabled PROFIEnergy (whereas their guide says to enable it), but I doubt that was an issue.

    I think the real issue was using Siemens' fw16xx- instead of Fanuc's pn2720.fwl.

  • I just finished a project with 6 robots. I was doing 3 of them, but had to get all the profi-safe stuff working. My problem was .gsdml file related. The file tech support sent me was titled the same as the one I had installed, but it worked.... My boss recently had the same problem with the same fix. He had to get a different file with the same name from Fanuc Tech support.

    I was joking with site personnel that the .gsdml file was serialized.

  • What are the detailed error messages on both sides (PLC and robot)? Did you correctly set up the CP1604 according to the user guide? Do you have a CP1604 with firmware V2.7?

    Did you check all the parameters, such as I-Device module properties, F-destination address, F-iPar-CRC, F-monitoring time, etc.?

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